Friday, 18 January 2013


Pep Guardiola’s decision to manage Bayern Munich for the next three years is the biggest give away yet that he’s waiting for Sir Alex Ferguson to retire so he can eventually take the Manchester United job.
All of the speculation surrounding Pep Guardiola was that he was set for a move to the Premier League with Manchester City or Chelsea.
His admission of his love and desire to coach in England was clear for all to say so it was a bit of a shock when the news broke that he was going to manage Bayern Munich until 2016.
Why? It’s quite simple. He’s waiting for Sir Alex Ferguson to retire so he can go and coach Manchester United.
If you think about it logically then it makes sense. He clearly misses the great game but didn’t want to make the wrong decision which may have seen him miss out on the chance to take the United hot seat.
He’s looked at Manchester City and maybe looked at the history of the club, which has put him off becoming manager. He’s looked at Chelsea and maybe thought he could be sacked if he has a poor season.

The timing also fits with Ferguson recently stating that he thought he only had two to three more years left in him before he called it a day and sat in the stands on a Saturday afternoon.
Also bear in mind, this news has broken just weeks after Ferguson and Guardiola are reported to have had a friendly meeting where Ferguson convinced the former Barca man that he had to manage at some point in his career.

It’s this close personal relationship that the two professionals share which could be key to Guardiola going to United because Ferguson is going to have some sort of say in who replaces him, regardless of what United suggest officially.
So Guardiola wants to come into English football, he wants a club with a solid chance of success, good finances and a deep and rich history.
It will seem quite clear to many that he’s waiting to walk into the top job at Old Trafford. He is also the perfect fit for United because he is similar to Ferguson in the way he develops a side and demands success and the very best from his players.
Bayern Munich ticks all of the boxes that Guardiola seems to want at a club. They will give him time, he’s under pressure which is when he thrives and Bundesliga football is reportedly the best in terms of adrenaline and atmosphere.

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