Thursday, 17 January 2013


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed that Napoli striker Edinson Cavani is on his transfer wish list.
The Frenchman has focused much of his attention over recent months on transfer negotiations with Theo Walcott but, with those talks believed to be nearing a positive conclusion, he has now started to look elsewhere.
Wenger is renowned for his reluctance to spend big on new recruits, with balancing the books as important to the Emirates boss as generating results on the field.
He is, however, aware of the need to strengthen during the winter window, helping to appease a disgruntled fan base, and has admitted that Cavani is among those currently under consideration.
Wenger said: "Cavani is a player that I like. Will he cost a lot of money? That's for sure. Nobody would deny that. Our banker lives just next to me at the moment and he is ready if we find the right player."

But does he really have a chance of landing him? Here is what people have to say on twitter.

@steven_maguire: Wenger would like to sign Cavani. I'd like to win the lottery. Both are as likely as each other. In fact, I have a better chance.
@qoldheart: Wenger's interest in Cavani can be compared to my dream of owning an Aston Martin, only drugs will make it happen.
@j_moaner: Wenger is out here selling dreams...he's talking about buying Cavani you know, he must think he's playing fifa 13 career mode
@darci_roberto: Why you want to buy Cavani? To place him on the wings to keep Walcott happy??? YOU ARE THE BOSS...
@russ_allan: Now Wenger has mentioned Cavani, I expect Chelsea and Man City to go after him.
@btown_gooner: Why does Wenger have to go and start talking about Cavani?!¡¿ Just getting Gooners hopes up #BangOutOfOrder
@obo89: Wenger liking cavani doesn't mean f*** all he also likes messi
@poltz1: Wenger going to bid £30 million for cavani hahahaha next joke i will believe that when i see it #AFC #dreaming #wishfulthinking
@felixgooner: Would absolutely love Cavani coming to the Arsenal, but just can't see it happening! We just DON'T buy stars…
@the_tubs: No joke if we sign Cavani ill chop off my bell end and send in in the post to Ivan Gazidis as a thank you. I'm genuinely THAT excited
@anthonyshaw_: Apparently #AFC have enquired about Cavani, means nothing tho. Look, this is me enquiring about Michelle Keegan... @michkeegan alright babe?
@Churke85: I wonder if Wenger is using charm on all Arsenal fans but i doubt if that charm is working on me.
What do you think, Will Wenger get His man?

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