Tuesday, 9 April 2013


City triumphed over bitter rivals Manchester United for the second time in a row, beating them 2 - 1, thanks to a defensive mishap from the Red half of Manchester.
United may still be leading their rivals by 15points, but City have sent out a very strong message to United telling them "What happen last season can still happen again".

After clearly analysing the game, below are five things the derby showed us.
1. United and City maybe bitter rivals but from the game it clearly shows that City are the ones who dislike the neighbour the most. You could see what the victory meant to them, to the extent the away fans didn't leave the stadium on time, they can't on celebrating as though they have just won the European Champions cup.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson doesn't seem to have so much confidence in the Japaneses Kagawa midfielder he brought in last summer from Dortmund. This isn't the first big game Sir Alex have abandon the slippery attacking midfielder on the bench, and opt to go with Ashely Young and Danny Welbeck whom I feel he feels very comfortable playing with.

3. Experience players too make costly mistake.
If only Manchester United's most experience player had decided to give a very normal pass instead of the back heel which he choose, I believe the story of the derby would have been told in a different manner today.


4. Manchester City still have the best Midfield in the Premier League.
City have may have not had the best of season but their five man midfield proved that they remain the most formidable in England, not even Chelsea with Mikel, Lampard and Mata could be compared to that of City.
With Gareth Barry and Yaya Toure playing as the deep - lying duo behind Samir Nasri, David Silva and James Milner, City were able to press United back and nullify their attacking breaks for the majority of the game. Toure showed why he was given a new contract last week and Barry gave another example of why City should place him next on the contract table.

5. Manchester United faces the danger of Loosing everything thanks to psychological fatigue.
Manchester United may win their 20th domestic title this season but there is no doubt the team are suffering from psychological fatigue, mainly for two reasons; 1.  their early sprinting clear of the field earlier this season, when they maintained a long winning streak which have seen them catapult themselves to the top of the table, there is no coincidence that the fatigue factor has coincided with Robin Van persie's goal drought. secondly; United are still suffering from the heartbreaking defeat to Real Madrid, and that is the price they pay for attaching too much importance to that particular fixture. United have won only one game since that defeat, which was a scrappy 1 - 0 victory over Sunderland.
   If United don't pick themselves up fast enough they will realise that 15points simply means not winning in five games.

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