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Thank God the premier league is set to kickoff! That was an exclamation from a very good friend of mine who through no fault of his got tired of putting on the television every weekend only to be presented with series of non competitive pre season matches and news of Wayne Rooney wanting to leave Manchester United, or Arsenal set to sign an invincible Higuain, or that Gareth Bale being the finest footballer planet earth have ever seen where they know fully well that a certain Argentine who plays somewhere in Spain still very much exist. Who would blame this friend of mine for speaking out what many of us have in our minds?
After a long and tough summer break with Suarez, Rooney and Bale dominating the front and back pages of newspapers world wide, we are now few days away from the main business of the Barclays English premier league.

While the premier league is blessed with super stars and more blessed with the addition of new faces from other leagues from across the world during the summer transfer window, there are some players this season who will be fascinating to watch to see how they work under a new manager, adapt to new surroundings (though some put themselves in that position with their unsatisfying desires) and how important their contribution to the team will be. Here is a look at ten of such players;

This could be one of the best pieces of business done all summer. A very different challenge faces Kolo Toure this season as he is brought in to fill the rather large shoes of Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher. Whether he manages to even fill part of them will be an intriguing story, and his progress will be certainly worth following closely. The former Arsenal and Manchester City skipper and defender who is know be a kind of a leader figure on the pitch will be no doubt be watched to seen if he impacts all this qualities of his into a Liverpool side who really more than anything wish to get back to European Football.

Probably the most underrated forward in the league, and perhaps the most important – certainly in terms of the goals he scores. What will be interesting is to total up the amount of points his goals earn for Manchester City this season. He could be the difference between them winning the title, and not. Even though City have strengthen their squad, I still have this believe that is the old guards there which Dzeko is very much inclusive that will still be important for City if they are to put on a strong fight for the premiership title come may 2014.

The very much talked about Wanyama who at one point of his career was reportedly wanted by Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man utd, and all the big clubs in the world by the media is now finally in the premiership though he would be putting on the red and white colours of Southampton.
The midfielder was impressive last season in the Scottish League for Celtic and played a pivotal role in their progression in the Champions League and their domestic double last season. After being linked with several clubs, it will be interesting to see what impact he’ll have on the Premier League and at Southampton. My eyes are going to be on him.

After his big money move to Liverpool and he produced one assist and no goal throughout his first season at the club, many were of the opinion that he wasn't ready to play in a club as big as Liverpool, though he had a good second season at the club, Downing have finally returned to his level when he ceased the opportunity to join up with the train heading to West Ham were he can join up with his fellow English boys Joe Cole and Andy Caroll who failed to make it at Liverpool.
Now going to be playing under the Big Sam It will be interesting to see if there is a great change Downing’s performance from his time at Anfield, and how his role will change in a different style of play. And without the burden of a hefty price tag at West Ham, maybe there isn’t so much pressure on him to perform.

The Dutch midfielder arrived England with a lot of hope and dreams, only for all that to vanquish once he put on the Black and white colours of Newcastle. The versatile player was used mainly in Midfield by Alan Padew as an anchor man, Newcastle went on to experience one of the worst runs in the premiership in recent times. It will be interesting to see how Anita performs this season after having a bite of the cherry last season.

Having made the move from Liverpool to Swansea, expect to see a lot more of Jonjo Shelvey on your television screens this season. There is undoubted talent there but he seemed a little rash during his time on Merseyside, maybe the regular first team football that’s expected at Swansea can mould him into a finer player. This will be a real and intriguing test for Michael Laudrup.

A lot have been said of this Manchester United youngster, rightly said am not usually a fan of praising youngsters or expecting much from them, but the story of this 18yr old Belgian has been a turning point for me. Adan Januzaj was one of the best Manchester United player during their tour to the far east and Australia. His composure and touches remains me of the Brazilian Oscar at Chelsea, after seeing Oscar perform so well in his first season at Chelsea it will be interesting to see if the United youngster will do the same. Though he may not have enough playing time to his belt, but it will be nice to seen what he will do with the little he will be given.

The news of Suarez departure from Anfield tends to be dying as the day goes by and with the stories in the paper claiming the striker said he is ready to stay at Liverpool this season all thanks to the love shown to him by the fans.
It will no doubt be interesting to see how Suarez is accepted by the people who he claims made him stay and also by the coaching staff whom he have put on the spotlight all through the summer by going public to make his intention known.
Suarez played a very vital role for Liverpool last season with his goals and energy on the field, the question remains on answered if we will seen the same Luis Suarez this season after the long and unhappy summer break for the player who is still on a series of match bans. 

Rooney the "surprised and unhappy man", will no doubt return to his club if no suitor from another league come knocking for him. Rooney you would remember didn't take part in any of the clubs pre season matches expect the training match against Real Betis were he scored a goal and miraculously broke his shoulders but was fit enough to play for England against Scotland on Wednesday. it remains to see how this power struggle between Rooney's camp and his club finally comes to end. But if the striker stays at the club till the January transfer window it will no doubt be good for followers of the league to see what becomes of one of England's best striker this season.

Am sure its no surprise that the name Gareth Bale is on this list. After a wonder last season which saw him claim the PFA young and PFA player of the year award, it will be seen if Gareth Bale will reproduce the same for his Tottenham team who are not willing to sell him for anything less than £90million. With the media claiming that Bale is not a player who will force his way out of a club and is just a guy who love football, when the league begins its only his performances on the pitch will actually tell us were his heart is.

Do you any other player who is suppose to be on this list? Take the pains and tell us in our comment box below.

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