Sunday, 29 September 2013


The defeat of Manchester United to their city rival Manchester Citywas a bitter pill to swallow and now the second consecutive defeat this time to a less star studded West Brom an even more bitter pill that will never be swallowed. Last season Manchester United fans watched with so much relaxation after having secured the league title as their team played a 10 goal thriller last season against West Brom, then it seemed scoring goals were something their team could do anytime they felt like. Four months later they watched as the same team defeated them and their team finding it difficult to break down the defence talk less of scoring for fun. A result which have relegated them to the 12th position on the log after 6 games.

Manchester United this season have only managed two wins out of six making it their worst ever start to a season since 1989
and in the process handing West Brom their first victory at Old Trafford since 1978. Critically looking at the situation at the red side of Manchester one doesn't need to be a magician to know that something is happening/lacking in the team whether is for the better or for worst only time will tell.
Even new manager David moyes knows that he calls it "Intensity" speaking after the match he said "It was a poor result and a poor performance - we never really got going. We lacked an intensity and spark to our game, and in the end they deserved the win, I can’t argue with that.
"In the first half we had a lot of the ball and tried to move it - we probably controlled a lot of the game - but I thought for all our possession we didn't create a lot of opportunities. And when we did, we didn't take them.
"They had a couple of chances on the break and the more we went for it, the more chances they seemed to get.
"We had plenty of forward players out there but we're just not opening teams up. I'm concerned after today but there are a lot of games to go and we'll try to put it right."
Over the last 20 years of the premier league Manchester United have always been seen as a force to be reckon with and many expect to see them at the top four position on the table after six games but with the handover in May by Alex Ferguson to David Moyes United are now in an unfamiliar ocean, the ocean of transition.
Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another and that is exactly what Manchester United are experiencing now. It may be very difficult for the fans to come to terms with this fact, Sir Alex is gone all what remains of him is his shadow all over Old Trafford and Manchester as a whole.
At the moment David Moyes is the man in charge of affairs at the club now. A position he has found to be so much different from the one he is used to at Everton. After seven games in charge including the UEFA Champions league  he still doesn't know how to handle and manipulate the players simply because he isn't the person who brought them together.
He is still trying to understand the players, how they react to certain things and the best way to use them.
Judging from the team selections and substitution he has been making ever since taken up this new job, it clearly shows that he doesn't still know the ability of the current players at his disposal and how and when to use them.
Transition is some thing that takes time even the Manchester united board knows. That is why David Moyes was instantly offered a six years contract, David Moyes himself have been sounding it clearly to the ear drums of the fans time and time again.
Having lost one of the five games which many thought Moyes and his team would use to keep tab with the current league leaders Arsenal, the road to perfection doesn't seem to be easy at the red side of Manchester, in the words of David Moyes, every game is a learning process and what the new Manager surely needs now from the fans is understanding and patience. Sir Alex knew all this would happen that was why he urged the 76000 fans at Old Trafford during his farewell speech last season to STAND BEHIND THEIR NEW MANAGER.

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