Monday, 28 October 2013


Manchester Uniteds' 3 - 2 win over Stoke city was their fourth in nine attempt this season, and the first time they won a game after being down at half time.
Teams who play United at Old trafford know that it is against the law to take the lead into the break because United will come back and leave you with no point at all. But this hasn't been the case this season not until Stoke came visiting, with Robin Van persie, Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez combining to play the role of party crashers.
Soccer4life takes a look at five factors that played in United favour over the weekend.

1. David Dea Gea
Kept the hosts in it with excellent first-half saves from Walters and Crouch. Possibly should have done better with Arnautovic's free-kick after getting a hand on the shot. But his fantastic saves during the course of the game, gave the players something to fight for by keeping the score at 2 - 1 for most of the game.

Robin Van Persie Took his goal well after a bright start but lack of fitness may have played a part in him fading as the game wore on. Always a threat in the area though. Just when the home side were beginning to get frustrated, The dutch man fired in the first equalizer with a fine technique though not one of his best, but the amazing thing was his ability to read the situation in Stoke city 18 yard box after Rooney's shot and reacted fast enough to get the goal. His excellent corner kick to set up the second game which Wayne Rooney took cleanly is also a testimony to his brilliance.

Its been a rare thing for the name of David Moyes to be mention in anything good about Manchester United, but for once this weekend the Scot showed he has got the technical know how to effect changes in a game by using the substitute as he introduced, Adan Januzaj, Valencia and Chicharito who got the winning goal for United.

A name on the lips of every united fan, its been a while since an 18 yr old bacame a fan favourite at Old trafrord, but this youngster from Albania has become an instant hit at the club since breaking into the first team, and may have sent out a big meassage by putting pen to paper for a five-year contract at the club.
The introduction of Januzaj eased a lot of pressure on Wayne Rooney who now had the courage to charge at the Stoke defenders. Its not suprising to know that Januzaj was among the last five united players who touched the ball before United scored the second goal of the game.

Its no longer news that Wayne Rooney is so far united's most in form player this season. His lungs bursting runs and hassling of the Stoke players whenever they had the ball, played a key role in rasing the morale of the home crowd who kept on chrousing the name "Rooney!  Rooney!" whenever he came close to the touchline. By so doing the crowd were able to bring out the never say die attitude of the Manchester United players on the pitch which paid dividend as they came from behind to win the game 3 - 2 and cement the place on the 8th position for another week.

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