Friday, 13 June 2014

Neyar Once again shows He can live with the Hype

Ever since the beginning of the Neymar "virus" across the footballing world, I for one have always been among the few who thinks Neymar often described as the "Golden ball" of Brazilian Football hasn't reached the level in which the media and people of Brazil perceive him to be, As it turned out, his impact on the game last night trumped his personal statistics. At a time when Brazil looked dangerously anxious thanks to Marcelo's early own goal -- the first the Seleção have ever suffered in the history of the World Cup -- he took the responsibility that I and a few others sometimes doubt he can handle from game to game.
Neymar joined Santos in 2003 and, after rising through the ranks, was promoted to their first team squad. He made his debut for Santos in 2009 and was voted the Best Young Player of the 2009 Campeonato Paulista.
Further awards followed, with Neymar being voted best player as Santos won the 2010 Campeonato Paulista, and also being top scorer in the 2010 Copa do Brasil with 11 goals. He finished the 2010 season with 42 goals in 60 games as his club achieved the Double. Neymar was again voted best player of the year in 2011 as his side retained the state title and Santos also winning the 2011 Copa Libertadores in which Neymar scored 6 goals in 13 appearances. He also played a key role in securing a Continental Double for his team, Santos' first since 1963. He received the Bronze Ball in the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup, with Santos making it to the final, where they were defeated 4–0 by Barcelona who will later pay €87.2 million for his services making it the tenth overall highest transfer.

Neymar who is known for his acceleration, speed, dribbling, finishing and ability with both feet which has earned him critical acclaim, with fans, media and former players drawing comparison to former Brazil forward Pelé, who has called Neymar "an excellent player", while Ronaldinho states "he will be the best in the world" With 33 goals in 50 matches for Brazil, he is the seventh highest goalscorer for his national team.In 2012 and 2013, SportsPro named him the most marketable athlete in the world. In December 2013, Neymar was ranked by The Guardian as the sixth best player in the world.

Neymar currently has the whole of Brazil at his back most especially his team mate who do all the hard work so ensure He never has a bad day, Fred is like Neymar’s uncle on the pitch, always looking out for him. He wrestles the central defenders, wins the knockdowns, makes the unselfish runs.
Neymar goes where he wants on the pitch, sometimes dropping back to half-way, sometimes appearing on the touchline, sometimes bursting beyond the striker.
Scolari has said to him: you’re my star, do what you think you need to do to win us the game. Neymar could not do this without the self-sacrifice of players like Fred to give the game a pattern he can read and break.
With Scolari and his men trying to make an alteration to the famous yellow jersey of Brazil by adding another star to the already existing five they will hope that the Golden boy continue to handle the Hype and pressure well to ensure he does not get soaked up and sink with their hopes.

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