Tuesday, 2 April 2013


The former Liverpool boss has been given a series of terrible reception ever since  he was made the interim manager of Chelsea Football club.
Though Rafa was not able to keep Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League, He has done well to ensure that the club still have two trophies to fight for (Europa Cup and FA Cup).
His recent achievement so far has been the famous and adventurous come back from 2 goals down to Man United to get a 2 - 2 draw at Old trafford. A scoreline which forced the FA Cup Fifth round replay which he guided Chelsea to a 1 - 0 victory over United yesterday at the bridge. Though his selection was near perfect, Chelsea fans never gives him any credit for that rather they prefer to hand over his much derseve credits to either Frank Lampard, John Terry or Hazard and Juan Mata.

This sort of reaction have moved me to ask "Why do Chelsea fans hate Benitez so much"?
After speaking to a lot of Chelsea fans on the issue, below are what they had to say;
"Benitez is a big f**l! He is Chelsea's enemy. He once said  he can never coach a team LIKE Chelsea(Mind you not Chelsea).
But when he heard the money Chelsea were willing to offer he ran and took the job"

"Because Di Matteo was a great manager. He delivered Chelsea the FA Cup and Champions League title in such a short time. Any Chelsea fan would be mad as Di Matteo did so much good for the team.
Its not that there is anything is against Benitez, i think Chelsea fans are disappointed that a great manger like Matteo got fired

"Because when he was at Liverpool he had a pop about Chelsea giving there fans plastic flags to wave".

"Because He  appeared to criticise Chelsea fans by saying they needed flags to get behind their team"

Benitez doesn’t play the brand of football we Chelsea fans deserve

And so the list of the so culled Benitez crime against Chelsea goes on and on....   I strongly believe all the above reasons given are not exactly the true reason they all hate him.
         The real reason the Chelsea faithful hate Benitez is this :“ He hurts them.”
The truth is Benitez broke their hearts in three semi-finals, two in the Champions League, thus stopping Jose Mourinho winning the Holy Grail with them, and possibly staying at Chelsea and turning them into the ­preeminent side in world football.
The pain of 2005 and 2007, when Benitez’s tactical genius not Liverpool’s superior squad, thwarted the Special One, was extremely hard to swallow. He gets under their skin because no other coach gave Chelsea so much grief when they had the best manager they will ever have.
No other coach back then held a mirror up to their own ­recently-acquired sense of ­superiority, and questioned it.
They hate him so much because he proved himself to be a winner. Which is surely the least logical reason ever to not want a manager at your club.
I’ve heard the old arguments trotted out this week to denigrate Benitez’s managerial record. His two La Liga, UEFA Cup, ­Champions League and FA Cup wins, plus a close second in the Premier League, being ignored as critics pointed to his ­seventh-place finish in that final chaotic Anfield season. ­Forgetting that Chelsea themselves finished last season in sixth.
I’ve heard that the only decent player he signed was Fernando Torres, conveniently forgetting how relatively little he paid for Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Pepe Reina, Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel, Alvaro Arbeloa and Lucas.
Come on! the earlier Chelsea fans begin to accept the truth, the better and faster they begin to appreciate the tactical genius they have as a Manager.
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