Tuesday, 29 October 2013


AC Milan have published two pictures on their website which they claim prove Marco Parolo’s winning free kick was taken from the wrong place.The Diavolos were left unimpressed by the refereeing performance of Paolo Valeri in their 3-2 loss to Parma at the Stadio Tardini on Sunday.
The defeat came in injury time thanks to a long-range effort from the former Cesena midfielder.
However, the San Siro side’s website had yesterday Monday uploaded pictures as evidence claiming that the free-kick with which Parma scored the winner was taken eight meters closer to the goal than it should have.
The spot where the free kick was taken.

 According to the Milan site, Zapata's foul took place on the previous pitch line.But at the time of the free kick the ball was brought forward to almost halfway through the next line visible on the pitch. As each pitch line in the Stadio Tardini is about 6 meters wide,the free kick was pushed forward 8 meters towards goal.

  But the questions Milan fans will be asking is this , "why did Matri and Birsa  not just concentrate on the two man wall which they were suppose to form to shield the goal keeper? Secondly why didn't the Milan players protest during the game before and after the free kick was played?
The spot where the foul took place.

Well the good news here is that  the players aren't blaming the Tagliavento as they look to make
amends as they host Lazio on Wednesday night.

Do you think the fans should be disappointed by the referee's decision to allow the free kick to be played on the wrong spot?

Article written by Okereke Austin .
Soccer4life Serie A correspondent.

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