Thursday, 2 January 2014


Its now seem a normal thing this season for teams who haven't tasted victory at Old trafford for a long time to come and pick up their long over due 3 points from David Moyes led Manchester United who up till this moment seems not to remember that they won the title last season and need to put up a fierce defense of the prestigious EPL Trophy. Instead find themselves risking loosing a place in next season's UEFA Champions league competition.

Yesterday Manchester United suffered their third defeat at home thanks to goals from Emmanuel Adebayor and Christian Eriksen both of Tottenham making them the only supposed title contender to loose on New year day and also find themselves 11 points behind current league leaders Arsenal.
In this post we shall be taking a look at reactions from fans after the 2 - 1 defeat to Tottenham at Old trafford.

  • fire moyes before he buys more mediocrity. no team should play as cluelessly as this team with a decent manager who knows what he is doing. even bottom teams looks more like a team than this. every single player looks like they have no idea what is expected of them and i have just about enough with all the ball going to the right flank and valencia slamming it mindlessly inside every single time. even a fool would at least try to play it more to the left and thru the middle with that kind of wing services. i have no qualm abt paying due time for manager to settle in but at least the team should look like they are trying to do something with a clear direction. so far it has been crap and even more crap and lower than crap kind of football.
  • and now it is spurs after newcastle and everton who have broken their winless streak at OT. COME ON MOYES! you can give every team in the league this kind of record breaking present!
  • Last year the quality of competition from other premier league teams was questionable, but this year all other teams have moved forward whilst MU have slipped ever so slightly back. The fruit age of a forlorn summer of transfers and lack of investment in past transfer windows is now clearly evident. The race was being run whilst Sir Alex rested on his laurels and the glaziers were counting coins. The Barton has been passed to a very unfortunate Moyes, and hence MU sit with mediocrity on the table. The real pain I feel, is the realisation that forth place is nigh impossible, and next season will be without the champions league enticement for new players. 
  • I wonder what's so surprising about United's challenges this year. Any real football pundits would expect something similar to what's currently going on especially given that the team in question lost arguably the GREATEST manager ever. EVER. Not only that, the ENTIRE United organization was built around this dude. It seems like this loss has been GREATLY underestimated not only by United haters but surprisingly by United 'fans'. Come on!

    Firstly, it's always a challenge to replace ANY manager especially when you come in with an entirely new system, a new back-room staff etc. It's never an easy situation and I commend all managers who go in and have an immediate title-winning impact. Now, we're talking about Moyes coming in to fill the shoes of SIR ALEX FERGUSON. How do people casually forget all this? It's incredible. Besides..., the current team, even when SAF was at the helm was 'weak' relative to United's past standards and it was testament to SAF's greatness to finish ahead of squads like City's & Chelsea's last year.

    So now you've got Moyes, who's coming in with all these things going against him + no experience coaching a top four team. OBVIOUSLY HE'LL NEED A SEASON OR TWO TO ADJUST. No surprises here if you ask me.

    All I have to say is, give the team & the new coach some time and to United fans around the world: just HOPE for an EPL top four finish and if lucky, some UCL magic cos losing SAF in such a period was always going to be rough. Always. Especially when ALL teams are getting better. 
  • If they had hired Martinez, I think Man U would be challenging for the title right now. As it is, they will have a hard time making Europa. They way the league has pushed forward, if they can't make Champions League by the end of the year, getting back will be very hard. They might suffer a Liverpool like drought.
  • The players put on a lacklustre performance. At right back, Smalling can perform only against the smaller clubs. He is not as agile compared to natural full back. Fabio should have been given a nod. Smalling is much better at centre back. Evra's time at left back is up for sure. He got outrunned several times, Lennon outwitted him countlessly. Did anyone else notice that Evans' style of playing is very similar to Rio Ferdinand's now? He tries to bring the ball out, attempted long passes. Verdict for defence: Moyes should give more trust to Buttner and Fabio. We have a proper full back to cover Rafael at right back, which is Fabio. Fabio should be given more chances. That goes the same for Buttner. Carrick seems rusty too. Need a few more games for him to be sharp. Cleverley needs to step up and be more brave in passing the ball ...forward. Rooney didnt look very sharp also. Was he fully fit? Januzaj had an anonymous game until he switched to right flank and had a good assist. Other than that, a bit too quiet. He should be taken off from the firing line and be rested and study the game further. Valencia should not have been hesitant for Spurs' second goal. Lapse there. Plus, his final ball were not good and accurate. Chicharito lost control of the ball at crucial moments in the final third. Wonder what's happening to him. Lack of matches? Composure? Kagawa should have started the game. Moyes should have brought Young earlier. Was not a very good performance from the boys like Moyes said in his post match interview. The players need to buck up if they want to be in the top 4. Title's a bit far fetched for sure. Just my observations for the Spurs game. 
With comments like this coming from fans of the once indomitable Manchester United, one doesn't need to be a magician to know that things have changed at the Red side of Manchester.

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