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Five players who may likely be shown the door at Old trafford this summer

With new manger Louis Van Gaal set to pass his judgement on his players ahead of selecting his 25 man squad for the new premier league season.
Many of the current players who failed to perform well last season under the guidance of David Moyes in a campaign that saw the Red Devils finish 7th and loosing out on a place in European this season will find out their fate when United's tour of the State comes to an end in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
Two players who have so far seem to redeem their reputation during the course of the tour are Daren Fletcher and "2 goal Hero" Ashley Young who seem to be thriving under new man Louis Van Gaal, but the same cannot be said of some of the other players.
The Dutchman said: "I shall make judgements after the tour. I have let all the players play so I know now more than I did before.
Louis Van Gaal on the judgement seat

"But in football, you have to judge. Always, you have to give a chance to a player to make a transfer when you see that his perspective is not so high to play.
"You have to say it in advance. When you say it on August 31st, it's too late. I shall say to the players what I think after the tour."

Following the words of the Dutchman some players will most definitely be shown the exit door of Old trafford before the transfer deadline of August 31, we take a look that five players who are most likely to make the dreadful list.

1. Micheal Keane.
Though not a high profile name, and still yet a prospect. Micheal Keane has done nothing to put a claim to the United first team this season, even though Louis Van Gaal has on more that one press conferences  expressed his admiration for the young defender who is a brother to striker Will Keane.
Micheal keane on two occasions on the tour has shown that he still has a lot to learn about being a center back for United by causing two of the penalties conceded by the team. One against AS Roma and the other against Real Madrid where he bundled Gareth Bale down inside the penalty box in front of 0ver 100,000 spectators.
Keane jogging his way out on loan.
Though 21, a loan move away from Old Trafford will possibly be on the card so as to make room for more experienced defenders.

2. Anderson
Anderson a former Brazilian international and a member of the Silver winning team at the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics and also a member of the United team who won the Champions league on that fateful rainy night in Moscow.
Its amazing how the player once touted as the New Ronaldihno has fallen to this level.
After being given a loan to Florentina by David Moyes last season which many appreciated to be a good move for the midfielder to enhance his reputation and prove to the world that he is still a footballer.
Fast forward months later the midfielder returned to Old trafford without making any significant improvement in this physique nor in his game.
With the acquisition of Andrea Hererra, and the improvement of Daren Fletcher a move away from Old trafford is all but certain for the Brazilian, who may as well return to his native country following the footstep of fellow country men who have found life difficult in Europe.

3. Marouane Fellaini
With the news of an interest from Italian Club Napoli will help make the decision very easy for the technical team of Manchester United who will be involved in the clearing out process.
With the Napoli president saying he dream of having a midfield of Marouane Fellaini and Gokan Inler because the two will be like Lions in the center of the park.
Fellaini watches as his future unfolds

After missing out of the United tour to the state due to an extended holidays after the world cup, and being denied a chance to impress the new boss a Loan move will also be on the card for the player bearing in mind that Louis Van Gaal in one of his recent press conference talked of how complete his team will be with Marouane Fellaini in it. So him may just live to fight another day.

4. Wilfred Zaha.
The bundle of talent who will always be remembered as the final signing of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, has become a center of divided opinion between fans around the world.
Reasons being that he wasn't given the opportunity to prove himself under David Moyes, and with the few chances he got, he showed glimpse of greatness and also foolishness.
A loan move to Cardiff during the second half of last season did nothing to settle the indecisiveness of fans on him.
Under the new manager Zaha was the last player of the 25 to grace the pitch during the tour playing after 2 games.
Having been given the opportunity to play in a full 45mins against Inter Milan and another 75 or so mins against Real Madrid where he came on for the injured Danny Welbeck. Louis Van Gaal may be tempted to say that he hasn't been impressed with what he has seen so far from the youngster, especially as he plans to play him as a striker and may as well send him on loan to get more first team football and learn the basics of being a star in the Barclays premier league.

5. Javier Hernandez /Luis Nani
This fifth spot is one which will need a lot of consideration, sentiment and ruthless judgement to decide who stays or who leaves.
Two players on the spotlight for this last spot is Luis Nani and Javier Hernandez, though many may be tempted to add Shinji Kagawa  to the list but from all indication the Japanese will remain as a cover to Juan Mata and can at times play as a supporting striker when either of Rooney or Van persie is given a rest or nursing an injury.
One of Chicharito or Nani will stand arm stretch with Wayne Rooney come Wednesday.
Javier Hernandez
For the simple reason he hasn't looked as good or as sharp as Rooney or Welbeck, and thus is effectively a 4th senior striker, who is blocking someone like Wilson getting a run. A move away from the club may be best for the good of the player and his national team.
The Mexican seems to have lost his killer instinct in front of goal most evidently shown against Real Madrid when he could not convert from 5 yards before he redeemed himself with the goal, which was served to him by a superb assist from Kagawa.
Having played from the bench ever since his arrive in 2010, Chicharito may have to step up to justify the claim of being one of the world most deadliest striker by move to a team where he will be playing regular first team football.
Luis Nani
With the new formation being played by Louis Van Gaal Nani has found it difficult to stand on his two feet on the ground in the squad just as his fellow winger Ashley Young has done thus far.
The Portuguese Wasn't effective when given a chance in the formation and as an out-and-out winger is incapable of playing 3-4-1-2.
Unless Louis Van Gaal will like to test him as a supporting striker or risk playing him through the middle, aside that the winger may just be closer to the door than he is to retaining his seat on the bench at Old trafford despite just having signed a five year contract under David Moyes last season.

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