Monday, 22 September 2014


The story of the life of Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson have been one of numerous record breaking feat in the opposite direction.
Beginning with David Moyes who led the team to a disastrous pre season tour on Asian soil and also lost his first home game in Rio's Testimonial game against Sevilla and then LVG who led United to their first defeat at Leicester since 1998 and to their first defeat after leading by 2 goals after half time.
Speaking of Rio, the new QPR defender who was refused a new contract at Old trafford got the opportunity to be united with his former team mates when his new team were crushed 4 - 0 by the Di Maria led revolution at Old trafford, Ferdinand utilized this golden opportunity very well by revealing to the fans something they have always wanted to hear. Which is no other than what happened behind the scene at United under David Moyes that made the team glued on 7th till the very last day of the season.

Rio made some shocking revelations some of which include,

Rio Ferdinand: "Moyes told Vida and me to study Jagielka. With all due respect that was the last straw for Vida."

Ferdinand: "I didn't enjoy playing under him. Sometime our main tactic was the long, high, diagonal cross. It was embarrassing."

Ferdinand: "Unintentionally, he created a negative vibe where, with Fergie, it had always been positive."

Rio: "He'd say; 'Today I want us to have 600 passes. Last week it was only 400'. Who cares? I'd rather score 5 goals from 10 passes."

Ferdinand: "The whole approach was alien. Other times Moyes wanted lots of passing."

Rio: "In one home game against Fulham we had 81 crosses I was thinking, why we are doing this? Andy Carroll doesn't play for us."

Ferdinand: "Some times our main tactics was the long, high, diagonal cross. It was embarrassing."

R.Ferdinand: "Often he told us to play it long. Some players felt they kicked the ball long more than at any time in their career."

Rio: "Moyes's innovations mostly led negativity and confusion, he biggest confusion was over how he wanted us to move the ball forward."

With the new Man Louis Van Gaal in charge and things still haven't looked bright for United, many are of the opinion that what happened to Man utd last season was not a fault of the dismissed Scot and that members of the board need to send an apapology to poor David moyes.
While others still can't help to imagine how a team from being Champions becoming an average team.

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